Dr. Philip B. Stiles                 Dr. Wade A. Konvalin                   Dr. Melinda Surdacki


Regular Eye Examination:
We use the latest in computerized instruments to ensure you receive a thorough and comprehensive eye exam. We will examine the internal and external structure of your eyes to diagnose diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal and retinal disease and eye infections. We also will screen for systemic diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

Emergency Eye Care:
We provide eye care for minor emergencies both during and after office hours. Our doctors can help you with foreign bodies in the eye, sudden loss of vision, floaters, eye pain, and other unusual eye problems.

Examinations for all ages:
The doctors at 1st Eye Care of Prosper can meet the optometry needs of all patients, from the very young to the very experienced in life. We can even meet the needs of students and adults that are developmentally challenged and will work closely with the school, parents and loved ones. Free screenings will be provided for infants under the age of one year.

Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses:
We have many frames to choose from in our optical and offer a wide variety of contacts lenses.